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Shaype is a fantasy role-playing game with an emphasis on player dictated character creation, combat playstyles, dialogue, and story outcomes. The ability for the player to create and develop their own character and world is at the heart of Shaype’s design, presenting diverse role-playing and alignment options.

Our Vision:

​With Shaype, we wish to create a true role-playing game. Our focus in development is for the player to feel as though they exist in an engaging world where their decisions matter.

  • For combat, we are developing varied weapons and divisions of Magic which will each possess their own skill trees and abilities.

  • We want gameplay will be multifaceted and reflective of the player, with significant world-changing options in dialogue, playstyle, and quests that are driven by the skillset and choices of your character.

  • A major goal for Shaype is to provide an engaging setting and atmosphere. Despite the friendly artstyle, Shaype will explore dark/adult themes, allow for diverse character alignment options and pose morally grey situations in a violent land.

  • In Shaype we also want to provide a challenging experience that rewards the skill level of the player. Our combat mechanics are designed to be easy to learn but hard to master, testing the ability of the player to find openings to strike.

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